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Our client, The Basilica of Saint Adalbert & St. James Church

October 31, 2019

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West MI is Our Home.

February 8, 2016

Grand Rapids, MI has plenty of charming "small town" qualities and an abundance of "big city" amenities!


We have lived in West Michigan's Grand Rapids area for many years. We understand and value the community's diversity and embrace companies and businesses that originate here. It has been a pleasure to be part of Grand Rapids's cultural fiber and we enjoy reciprocating the energy and love †hat we have felt in West Michigan.


Having a wide understanding of West MI's demographics and popular trends allows us to approach web development on a personal level, and tailor your business's online image and functionality to fit your company's intellectual and stylistic motif.


Our Spanish Translation Team allows your content and web presence to reach an entirely new demographic! We are MULTI-CULTURAL and BILINGUAL professionals and not only do we translate, but we transcreate. Your content will mean what you want it to mean, in both languages. This allows a business to make a "proper" connection with an entirely new demographic.


It's time for your company to make an impact on Grand Rapids and West Michigan.  We are here to discuss the importance of having a stellar business web presence, and how your business can potentially reach a larger segment of society! 

 Contact VFG Creations today and let us know about your project! We are ready to take care of business!