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Our client, The Basilica of Saint Adalbert & St. James Church

October 31, 2019

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FREE WI-FI. Too Good To Be True?

August 12, 2016

Lucky for you your favorite restaurant, coffee shop or hotel chain is now offering "FREE WI-FI". Effortlessly logging into a business's WI-FI and having them foot the bill is pretty much the best thing EVER. This especially rings true to those of us who subscribe to our Mom's age-old philosophy of "A Penny Saved, Is A Penny Earned".


Why "waste" your own money on data charges when you can surf the web on someone else's dime? Right?


Well...that's exactly what a cyber-thief is banking on! It makes their job of stealing from you as easy as taking candy from a baby...and equally as malevolent. 


What YOU view as a thrifty practice can often present a prime opportunity for a thief to sneak in the back door and access your accounts, personal information and data. In many cases, this even leads to money and credit theft, or ultimately, the loss of everything through identity theft.


Using public WI-FI service isn't a safe practice, so use common sense. Help protect yourself online with these tips.


First of all, NEVER make purchases while on public WI-FI. Entering your credit card info or even your Social Security Number can be your downfall for obvious reasons. 


Be selective about which websites you visit and stay away from sites that require you to login. This includes social media, as well. Accessing