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Our client, The Basilica of Saint Adalbert & St. James Church

October 31, 2019

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Welcome to the Future. Invest in Yours Today!

February 25, 2019

As March approaches the US Markets continue to achieve compelling growth across the economic board. With nine consecutive weeks of Dow gains and with all U.S. indexes up, a full rebound from the attempted market sabotage (courtesy of the Fed's Powell) appears to have been thwarted. 

The U.S. just enjoyed the strongest January in 30 years and the overall unemployment level (that reached a 49-year low of 3.7% in November) is currently floating around 3.9%.  


A thriving economy often inspires business owners to maximize their brand's online digital impact. Will you be one who takes advantage of the economic upswing and allow the momentum to elevate you and your business...or...will you idle?  


A newly designed, responsively dynamic and highly functional website will allow your small business or organization to amplify its presence in this increasingly competitive online landscape.  The professionals at VFG Creations are here to walk with you through the process of developing the website that you envision.


We pride ourselves in providing stellar client support. From the initial consultation to the

completion of your project (and beyond) you will be guided through a streamlined

process as we collectively develop the nuances of your project.


We've implemented a structured approach towards understanding a client's wants, needs and expectations. You will be given a comprehensive and detailed intake questionnaire which allows you to fully express your preferences involving every aspect of your new website. You will be able to outline the details of your website design project in real time which allows you the peace of mind knowing that your site will look and function exactly how you expect it to.


Every website that we create is fully responsive across all devices including tablets and all mobile devices. With the rapid emergence of web technologies in the digital design industry, a responsive website is no longer just an option, it's a necessity. Device variation, screen sizes and platform choices are rapidly changing and your website visitors should enjoy an optimal experience regardless of the device they are using.


SEO is the process of optimizing your website's architecture and content to create authority and relevancy for targeted keywords. We will work with you throughout the entire SEO cycle, from keyword research, selection, page optimization, content optimization, reporting and continuing performance evaluation. With the power of the web design team at VFG Creations your business will be found when searched for online.